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3PLHype offers a wide variety of services to cater to your e-commerce needs. We do everything from handling your marketplace order to your own private label e-commerce stores. 

Services start with unloading the shipment and placing them in the required warehouse. Then comes the prepping required for Amazon FBA or even your FBM business. Then comes the fulfillment of the order or a B2B trucking for your FBA store.

Your monthly billing is shared with you for storage on our state-of-the-art warehouse management software.

We sync our fulfillment software directly with your marketplace or online store to ease the order management process.


Loading & Unloading

Once your goods reach our warehouse, we match the packing list and place the boxes/cartons per your instruction. Your items are stacked per your instructions and entered into our system. Your storage charges will apply when your shipment is entered into the warehouse.

At this point, you can request for inspection and counting of your items. We can open and prep the orders for you as well.


FBA Prepping Services

Selling on Amazon can be challenging, mainly when using Amazon FBA. It's too simple to make a mistake with an Amazon FBA shipment and subsequently incur unforeseen re-work expenses, extra storage fees, or other problems.

Our clients at 3PLHype are usually in the lead in dealing with Amazon since they have vast experience in all of the Amazon systems, including Vendor Central, Seller Central, and Seller Fulfilled Prime. Whether it's handling your FNSKU labeling or bundling an item, we do it all for you. We'll take the logistics so you can concentrate on making more sales!



While you focus on the marketing component, we manage the entire order on your behalf. You sell your products using any e-commerce platform. We locate, fulfill, and keep you informed about your products.

One of the most well-liked fulfillment strategies for e-commerce companies is dropshipping. This kind of order fulfillment eliminates the need to keep any inventory or handle product shipping for your online store. The merchant or drop shipper oversees the entire supply chain for your online store.


e-Commerce Fulfillment

We can fulfill your orders if you own a private label e-Commerce store on any platform. Your Shopify, woo commerce, Magento, Wix, and more than 100+ platforms now have a 3PLHype fulfillment mechanism.

Your orders will be dispatched the same day if we receive them before noon. You will get real-time tracking for your orders.


Inspection & Counting

If you need extra services such as inspection of your inventory and the counting, we can surely give you that service.

Our services free for the first 2hrs of man hours that will be required. However if any additional man hours will be required we will charge you $30/hr for whatever task that you want us to conduct. You will be given a proper report.



Rates and services will vary, but you will most likely be charged as per CBM with a minimum volume of 1 CBM @ $1.65/CBM

The specific cost of these services depends on a wide variety of factors, including but not limited to your order volume and any special services your eCommerce business might require, such as handling and shipping of oversized items or inventory that needs to be refrigerated or kept in a climate-controlled environment.


Trucking (B2B Shipping)

If you need your shipments to be shipped as a complete or partial to Amazon FBA or any other warehouse we can surely do so for you.

You will just be charged the UPS trucking charges.