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3PLHype is 50% cheaper compared to FBA


Get world-class fulfillment with simple, transparent pricing.

As low as


Step 1: Select your service that you want

Your first step is to select the services you want to commission with 3PLHype. Then once your shipment arrives at our warehouse, we unload and put-away your inventory. We then update this in our state-of-art software so that there are no chances of error.


Amazon FBA Prep center


Storage & 3PL


DTC/FBM Fulfillment


Labour - Loading, Inspection & Trucking

Step 2: Receiving Fee

When your shipment arrives at one of our warehouses according to your booking with us, we will unload the shipment and place it in our warehouse racks, pallets, boxes etc where required.


*For Shipments under 2CBM, otherwise $30 /hr

Step 3: Storage Fee

We charge storage by CBF (Cubic Feet) where the min. charges would be 1 CBF. The charges are per day and billed at the end of month. We will update your CBF every day when your orders are being fulfilled.

0.75$ / CBFt / mo.

You will be billed after 30 days

This fee will only be charged in months you are storing inventory with us.

Step 4: Prepping Fee

Prepping is packaging, FNSKU labeling and print slips
For example if you want one order to be shipped your bill will be:

1. Picking Charges: $0.20
2. Polybag charges: $0.20
3. La belling Charges: $0.28

Total: $0.68

50% Savings compared to Amazon FBA

Labelling & Picking Charges



Packing Charges



Extra picks for the same order will be charged at $0.10/item

Step 5: Additional Charges

Trucking Charges

UPS charges to send inventory to Amazon from our warehouse

Labour Charges

Palletization and loading charges for the inventory

Any Extra Services

Inventory count, quality control, item repackaging, etc

Customized Package

We offer custom B2B packages, contact us for discussing

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We'd love to learn more about your requirements and help determine if we are a good fit. Get ALL your questions answered around pricing, software, expectations, and anything else.

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