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Warehouse Locations



To get you the most affordable shipping prices, we have partnered with all of the major carriers in USA, UK and UAE.


Our Carrier Partners

We can negotiate substantial savings with carriers thanks to our combined volume. You can obtain access to these rates by using 3PLhype shipping facility.

In order to benefit from your own negotiated rates, you can also connect your own shipping account.

United States of America

We have our main warehouse in the USA, New Jersy. If want to expand your business in the US, then 3PLHype is the ideal partner for you.

United Kingdom

We have a central warehouse in Manchester with all the latest software and state of the art management to fulfill and prep orders.

United Arab Emirates

An emerging market the UAE is an amazing place to start your e-Commerce business. Our warehouse is in the heart of Dubai

Frequently Asked

See answers to some of the most common questions we
get asked.

Yes, we integrate with all the popular e-commerce paltforms and marketplaces.

Yes, we offer a full suite of Prep services for FBA, FBM and DS.

We have locations in the United States, UK and UAE. To see the exact addresses, click the ‘Locations’ button in the header.

We offer Bin, Shelf and Pallet storage.

For now we do limit it to 1000 SKUs per client. However, if the account is big enough for us, we may make an exception.